Malta is a small English mother-tongue country; the population consists of 400.000 inhabitants, and it is visited by more than 3 million worldwide tourists per year. The island is fully loaded with historical places art and culture and it also offers relaxing and entertaining areas, such as beaches, restaurants and so on.  Malta is the perfect destination to study and work and also enjoy some good weather and nice places. For the last 40 years Malta has been accommodating more than 80.000 learners worldwide to attend the English language schools that are present on the island.

There are more than 50 schools operating at the moment and we have carefully selected the best schools to guarantee good quality and service.

Why study in Malta?

10 reasons to study in Malta

Mother-tongue English

Malta is the only Mediterranean country with the English Language as one of the official languages

Certified and Accredited Schools

We work only with the best accredited schools to guarantee you the best language experience

Mother tongue teachers

Students will be taught by Mother's tongue teachers qualified to teach foreigners

Sunny all year

Mediterranean climate and 300 sunny days per year

Activities and Free time

A variety of activities to stimulate speaking in English outside the classroom

Multicultural environment

More than 50 different nationalities come to learn English in Malta

Malta is safe!

There is a very low criminal rate and in this way, it makes the island really safe and welcoming


Studying in Malta is cheaper than in the United Kingdom. Rates are competitive and the cost of living is lower than in any other European country


Malta is a very small island and most of the time you spare a lot of time when going from one place to another.  You can either choose to go on foot or also by using local public transport

Job opportunities

Malta has the lowest rate of unemployment in Europe and there are a lot of job vacancies available. It is an ideal place to find a work and study at the same time.

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